Thursday, August 12

Already gone

Warning! Offensive content! Talking about what I want in a church!

I am part of the younger generation who grew up in church, yet does not attend as an adult. There's lots of reasons, the main one being I don't want to leave the munchkins in the nursery where they will come home with some new illness every single week.

I'm not opposed to church. I would like to attend. But there's just not a lot of draw. For one thing, I can listen to all kinds of sermons online.

For another thing, it's hard to find a church that really ... I don't know ... has guts. My ideal church would be a church that teaches:

Creationism and how to combat evolution

The end of divorce

That young women should quit work and go home

Young women how to treat their husbands

Young women how to train their children

Young men how to be men

Church leaders who are not divorced and who all their children are saved

Biblical nutrition

If there was a church who taught all of that, I would be there like a shot. But as far as I know, very few people teach on all that.


William said...

I completely agree. Churches have become so watery. "Lets not offend anyone" now means "lets not have a firm stance on ANY issue."

This is a problem with America as much as it is churches themselves. I've been to church and sat with the kids who are physically incapable of not texting their friends in the seat RIGHT BEHIND THEM.

Frankly, I feel more satisfied with a few Chuck Missler and Ravi Zacharia podcasts than I do with a whole morning devoted to some preacher's watery, non-firm message.

Farm Girl said...

Well, I don't know whether to cheer of cry, Your sentiments are a echo of my own life, but I am uncomfortable with seeing it written down in print. I am happy that you all have learned to think for yourselves and you know what it is that you want in a church.
I am glad you wrote it down and all I can say is You Go Girl!!!

Bethany (violetvale) said...

Well, I used to go to a church like that, and it was more like a cult than a church. In my experience, the churches that have the "guts" end up being authoritarian and legalistic. :-/ Annnnd I have more I could say, but the babe needs attention.

Women of Sovereign Grace said...

Kessie, I am not sure there is a church in America that can meet your standards. If you can find a young man to pastor a church like that, though, let me know!

We are commanded to meet together:
Hebrews 10:24-25 And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging
one another.

Just think of what the Lord is teaching you through your personal studies. You may be a Titus 2 "older woman" to a younger woman at church. You have knowledge to share, and you have so much you can learn from older women! Not to mention the teaching from a godly pastor who exposits the Word.

Not to make a plug, but if you up for the challenge, come with me tomorrow. We meet at Liberty High on Jewetta. We have a small body and a small "cry" room where you can keep Alex and Holly. I frequent it.

If a pastor doesn't directly address your list of concerns, you can bring it up with him or have your husband bring it up with him.

You probably won't, but some are quite uncomfortable and a little offended at Sovereign Grace. God's Word is foolishness to those who are perishing. If your issues aren't directly addressed in sermons, a godly body will live out these biblical principles. The women in our church stay home with their (abundant) children. Our men go to work each day and are held accountable to shepherd their wives. We have had one divorce in our church, but the nonChristian part of the duo has left while the godly part stays to grow in faith.

As to church leaders who have all saved children, that is (thankfully) only in the hands of the Lord. You cannot raise a Christian. Ours is a covenental theology. And we work each day to bring up our little ones in the fear and admonition of the Lord. But there is no guarantee. Who are we to say to the potter, "Why have you made me this way?" or to question His choice to elect some to salvation, only some? We can only be faithful with what he has given us. A church leader is the same. The Bible says only that elders need be "above reproach".

I hope that a solid church body has a basic understanding of the Pentateuch and creationism as a basic tenet of their faith. These are all great concepts. What a way for a body to grow and learn together!

I personally think that you are perhaps missing the blessing of surrounding yourself with believers outside of those you are inately comfortable with. The Lord is sovereign and will still be sovereign if your children get a runny nose in the nursery. They play in dirt (as do mine!) and I am sure they have healthy immune systems! And the cry room is always there! There are also those families who train their very young ones to sit quietly through the sermon. Perhaps that is more your bent. That is not a hill I desire to climb with my rascals!

I will be praying that the Lord will lead your husband to choose a godly, solid church to worship the Lord. After all, isn't it all about Him?

Thanks for letting me write. I really really hope I did not offend you. If I did, I pre-emptively ask your forgiveness and grace. I know the body will be built up with you involved, and both will reap great blessings. I write out of love for a sister in Christ.

Women of Sovereign Grace said...

dang it! Women of Sovereign Grace is me, Jennifer. I logged in with the wrong durn name.

PuppetChaos said...

I know you're not going to like to hear this, but your list of wants in a church sound rather... Baptist.


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