Saturday, August 7

Peach butter

I have successfully turned this ...

...into this.

Peach butter!

I'm so sick and tired of peaches. The rest of them can just sit in the freezer for a few weeks. Or months. But hey, they make a mean cobbler. :-)

My method:

I filled my slow cooker up nearly to the top with peach puree. This took about 12-16 cups of peaches, because they reduce a lot when you puree them. I added about 4 cups of sugar and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, because my last batch was too cinnamony.

Then I stuck it on low for 24 hours. That's right! I let it run all night. It's also important to keep the lid of the slow cooker cracked so the water can cook out. You want the fruit to reduce by at least half. They say you don't have to stir it, but I like to stir it every few hours and taste to see how it's coming along.

Then just glob it into sterilized jars with sterilized lids and turn them upside down, and they should seal without needing to waterbath them. I've read lots of blogs that rave about how if you don't waterbath your jars they won't be sterilized and they'll get mold and stuff, but my mom and I have always done ours this way, and never had any problems.


Farm Girl said...

It all looks good. Did you know, I still have the Fairtime peach tree to go. They won't be ripe until September and I do think they have the best fruit.

Too bad I don't have apple trees!
I am glad you got so much done though,
I am really proud of you for sticking at it. I know it was so hard.

Kelty said...

That...sounds easy...I'm driving through BC next weekend, a peach pickup on the way home might be do-able...I've never jarred anything though...your method definitely sounds easier...*ponders* Would make great Christmas gifts...


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