Monday, June 27

A bit of makeup

Yesterday, I had just gotten out of the shower, and had left Holly in the bathroom to brush her teeth. I was going about my business when I realized that she had been in the bathroom, quietly, for a good ten or fifteen minutes. I went to look for her and this is what I found.

She had been applying eyeliner, just like mama does.

In other news, check out this growth comparison of Claire.

Notice how much of the chair she took up as a newborn:

Now look how much space she takes up at 2 and a half months:

She's getting so big! And more frustrated every day at not being able to get up and play with her big brother and sister. She jabbers now, and it's so very cute. She gets so excited, the way babies do, and she's just barely to the point where she can see toys. She still can't see my cockatiel. I think that comes after three months.


Farm Girl said...

Gosh when you show pictures like that you can really see how much she has grown and changed so much.
I think you have to blame gama for the makeup deal. When she was here I was putting on my makeup and she was watching me intently and I had a brush that I had never used so I pretended to gussy her all up. I had some watermelon lip gloss I put on her and she kept asking me to go "put on makeup."
It was so cute to fix her hair and do that, I enjoyed myself.
Gama's fault. :)

texwisgirl said...

love the little make-up artist!!! ha!


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