Tuesday, June 14

The smell of summer

Today it's 93 outside, our first really hot day. I was outside with the kids, smelling the hot air and trying to nail down what makes that unique summer smell.

Is it the hot grass?

Is it the hot sidewalk?

Is it the hot asphalt?

Is it just the air itself that smells hot?

There's a general ambiance of everybody's air conditioner units growling away, and a hint of chlorine from the various nearby pools.

Speaking of pools, ours has been getting some heavy usage. We walked over to see if anybody was in it tonight. Nobody was.

Remember last year how it was this lovely emerald green?

Right now it's just as green, but it's more of a dingy greenish brown. It's not even clear. It looks like a pond. I think they need to fire the pool maintenance guy, all he does is throw chlorine at it and leave. :-(

The firework stands are going up, too.
(Not my photo)

I know not everybody gets fireworks in the fourth of July, and even CA only gets wimpy things that barely go pop. But hey, it's a sign of summer. But man, it's weird to see them already. How can June already be half gone?

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Farm Girl said...

aw the smells of summer, I was thinking about that tonight when I was outside. It has a smell and is so wonderful.


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