Saturday, June 18

So much to can!

My mom loaned me this Better Homes and Gardens Canning magazine. I sat and read it this afternoon, and I'm inspired.

How to make spiced peaches and chow chow and pickles and every kind of jam imaginable! Jam with wine and brandy and herbs and spices!

I'm really curious about spiced peaches, ever since they featured in the book and movie Holes. (It's an awesome book, by the way.) They dubbed it "Sploosh" and I'd love to make some Sploosh.

Holes by Louis Sachar


Farm Girl said...

I am glad you are enjoying it. It makes me feel like I am in a candy store. Sort of where do I start. :)

Meg said...

Mom & Mimi used to can spiced peaches when I was younger and they are really yummy!

Anne said...

Sounds wonderful!


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