Thursday, June 16

Summertime pretty happy funny real

Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter, to do Pretty Happy, Funny, Real. Without further ado!


Some kind of pretty purple flowers that I don't know what they are.


We visited Gramma's yesterday, and an uncle donated his Slip and Slide. It was tons of fun for small people.


I didn't even realize I had frozen that ball in midair until I was looking at my pictures!


My second-oldest brother trying to not look creepy. He's so obviously not creepy that the baby is asleep with his finger in her mouth.

round button chicken


Meg said...

Our babies like daddy's fingers best. Must just be a thing about guy fingers.

Farm Girl said...

Very nice pictures and I would love to steal that picture of William holding the baby.
Very nice.

Anne said...

Those are great!

justamouse said...

How adorable!

texwisgirl said...

i was thinking "hey, i've seen that pic of the young man and the baby before!" then i realized you're Kim's Kessie... ha! :)

Leila said...

Not creepy at all -- very handsome! and if he gets precious baby to sleep, well, that's all good :)


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