Sunday, June 5

Twenty percent rain

We've had a storm spinning slowly off the coast of Cali lately, and on radar, it was so pretty that I had to save it:

It's a perfect cinnamon-roll spiral.

We only have a twenty percent chance of rain here, but elsewhere in California is getting a nice soaking. Which is really weird for June, but hey, that's La Nina for you.

My father-in-law told me that a meteorologist told him what those rain percentages mean. They aren't some weird calculation of odds. They really mean that "twenty percent of the area will get rain." And you look at the Dopplar map, and sure enough, about 20% of it has rain spotting it.

This educational post brought to you by my nap-dazed brain.


Leontien said...

Haha thanks for the educational post! and seeing pictures makes like that always makes me a tiny bit worried!


Anne said...

Good to know!

Sue said...

I like to see the radar screen especially when we are needing rain as we do now, And this one has a cute swirl.
Enjoyed your post on Peppermint tea, Hope the babies are feeling better. I grow peppermint and enjoy adding it to tea, as enjoying the smell.

texwisgirl said...

i'd love some of that 20% here in NE Texas! :)


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