Wednesday, June 22

Fun in the sun

Well, we've had a busy couple of days!

Tuesday was a cousin's birthday, so all the munchkins got together for some fun with water toys.

That beach ball had big shower-heads on it that spouted water when you turned the hose on. The kids all either stood and let the water sprinkle them, or they caught it in buckets. They hardly rolled the ball at all.

They're redoing the parking lots in the apartment complex next door this week. Apparently they've had a lot of dirt left over, because they brought around wheelbarrows full and dumped it into all the flowerbeds. It made for a great sandbox for munchkins.

They've been out there every day with trucks and buckets and digging implements. And they've had baths almost every night.


Farm Girl said...

They look happy with all of the dirt to play in and I like the picture of them all playing in the water.

texwisgirl said...

oh i can only imagine dirt and water together in close proximity! :)


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