Saturday, June 11

Kids reading

I've been reading every blog I can find that talk about teaching your kids to read.

I want them to learn to read, but I'm so scared I won't be able to teach it. You should hear me trying to teach them letter sounds and having to consult my husband on how many sounds C makes and whether I should mention it to the kids.

Then I turn around and see this.

Anybody remember Calvin and Hobbes?

I don't think we'll have any problems getting them to want to read. It's just teaching the mechanics that I'm afraid of.

And here's all the munchkins together:


Meg said...

Advice? Chill out and let them come to it on their own. Nothing will make a kid hate something more than a parent forcing them to do it. Sometimes it won't happen until much later, and if you're putting off vibes like you're only concerned about them reading right now, right this minute, they'll start to feel like they're failing. He's only 4.

Farm Girl said...

I love, love those pictures of them reading. It makes my heart so happy.
I love seeing the picture of them all together.
Well, what Megan says is true, reading is like everything else, some kids read with hardly any teaching and some it takes a bit longer. My sister read by two.
So just enjoy them and play with them and don't make the mistakes I did with you guys,
I made you work like slaves, I wish I had played more with you all.

Anne said...

Precious pictures. I'm a certified reading specialist from K thru 8th grade, so you can believe everything I say (hahaha!). The actual definition of "reading" is: deriving meaning from print. So, technically, they ARE reading already. And the most important thing you can do in teaching them to read is to make it fun and exciting and to read to them every day. They will learn. Each of their paths to fluency will be different, but as long as they stay motivated, it will happen. :)


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