Monday, December 13

It's cold in Virginia

Especially when you're originally from California. This snow dusting persisted in the shade all day. I think there's still some on the porch, dry as sand and just as grainy.

It was nice and warm in the mall. I did not shop in this store, although I was sorely tempted by memories of their catalogs.

My son in a wig. He looks thrilled, don't you think?


Farm Girl said...

It looks really cold, Poor Alex in a wig, he looks really thrilled.

William said...

Great, quick update. I'm really curious about how things are going over there, so this helped to scratch that itch.

Meg said...

Bring some snow home with you! Too bad it's so cold though. It was so warm today I wandered around in a tank top.

I LOVE the wig. Hilarious! :D


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