Saturday, December 18

O Christmas tree

Yesterday we hauled the kids out to the park in the housing complex.

Ryan hauled them on the sled with a rope.

At the park, they played on the slide and swings like it wasn't 20 degrees in 2 inches of snow.

Houses across the park, all snowy, under a clearing sky. How I miss my Photoshop, because the sky was really vivid blue.

By the time we walked home, the sun was out and it felt gloriously warm on our backs. We went inside and had hot cider and cookies.

Today, after a long and arduous search, we got a Christmas tree. Here are the men of the household, hauling in their kill.

And here it sits, awaiting lights and ornaments. Alex looks happy about the tree, but what he was really happy about was the newly-activated cuckoo clock in the corner. He sat and watched it for an hour and a half.

Until this happened.


Meg said...

Is he asleep?? Poor baby! That's what happens after a long day at the park. That's too cute.

Also, I love "hauling in their kill". Hehe.

Farm Girl said...

Poor baby, just fell over asleep. It looks like they are having fun, I am so glad.


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