Sunday, December 12

Of plane rides

Well! Here we are in Virginia, visiting my husband's parents.

The plane trips yesterday were fuuuun. And by fuuuuun I mean "not fun".

We got to the airport in Bako an hour early. Got through security all right, then waited and waited.

Small children do not like waiting, so I took the munchkins around the terminal, and we sat in empty chairs and looked out windows.

Finally our puddlejumper arrived.

They were really excited. We went out, put in the carseat, stowed our luggage, and were all ready to go, when they told us that there were "electronics issues" and we all had to get off the plane while they turned it off and turned it back on.

For a while it looked like the plane wouldn't get fixed at all, and we were going to miss our connecting flight in LA. But finally, about 10, they got the puddlejumper working, and we puddlejumped down to LA.

We were supposed to have had an hour between flights in LA, and we had planned to get lunch. Because of the delay, we got there with 15 minutes to spare. We ran to our gate and boarded (a vast behemoth of a 777) and never even got to have lunch.

Note to self: pack sandwiches next time. Ten bucks for a ham sandwich? I could have made some out of gourmet meat and cheese for what all that cost us. Long story short: we didn't eat very well on the airplane.

So we arrived in Dulles, which is massive. We took three elevators and a shuttle (which was this entertaining high-speed train) just to get to the baggage claim. I can't even imagine how big Regan must be.

Ryan's folks were waiting for us, and took us home where fortunately a large dinner awaited us. It was such a relief to finally get something to eat.

We plan to do some running around today, so I'll get some pics that aren't, you, darkness. It was dark when we landed (not to mention cold and misty), so I have no clue what Virginia looks like. Other than lots of trees.


Farm Girl said...

Oh I am so glad you got food and the kids look happy in the airport. Can't wait for more pictures and updates. Have fun.

Meg said...

Is there snow?? At least you made it in time, even without much to eat. Better than having to find new flights!

Anonymous said...

FYI - you probably won't be able to make and bring sandwiches with you. Rich's mum did that when they flew over for our wedding, and they were confiscated at security. She was quite devastated because she had spent a good deal of time making them.

~Lisa (Mishael)

Kessie said...

Well, that's dumb. I thought they only confiscated liquids!


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