Friday, December 31

Last Virginia trip pics

Here's the last random bunch of photos from our trip!

First, here's an official pic of the National Archives building.

And here's my pic, admiring the decorative carving (the molding?) on the tops of the pillars. I would have been more impressed, but this same style of leaves was on every single pillar on every single building in the area. Must have been the same company did all the construction.

Alex enjoying the Metro under DC. Notice the bored guy in the background. Everybody was so very, very bored.

Flying over Colorado at sunset. I thought the light slanting across the mountains was so pretty, I had to get a picture.


Farm Girl said...

I like that picture you you flying. It looks really neat and is that snow? I like the blue, is it the sky reflected on the snow, or is it blue snow? Yeah you should have picked lots of oranges. The blood oranges are incredible. They taste so yummy.
I hope this freeze doesn't hurt them.

William said...

It's funny to me that you suggest that one company probably did all of the construction on those old buildings. When you think of DC or Virginia, you think "old buildings with lots of history," but then you realize that they were contracted out just like any building of today, even if it was a few hundred years ago.

I've never once heard someone suggest that, but it's a pretty funny idea.

Also, very nice pictures. The Metro DOES look a little boring. My only encounter with it was in Fallout 3, where it's filled with super mutants and traps.


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