Friday, December 10

Ultrasounds and bucket lists

I had an ultrasound yesterday. We're about 99.9% sure that it's a girl. I'm so excited! Now I have to think of some decent girl names.

I wish I could have medical students do all of my medical work. They actually talk to you and tell you stuff. None of that stuffy professionalism! I think I'd want an actual doctor around sometimes, but seeing as even nurses seem to do more work than the doctors at my births, I think I'd be fine with nurses, even.

Besides, if med students screw up, they tell you. Doctors will never admit it if they screw up. :-)

I've been thinking about making a bucket list. You know, the list of crazy yet achievable things you want to do someday. My trouble is, I've already achieved my first bucket list, which was to find a nice guy, get married, and have kids. I've had a hard time coming up with anything besides that.

But I did manage to come up with a few things I'd like to do, and here they are:

Write books and get published.

Go traveling on a train, perhaps through northern California. I've never been anywhere north of my home, only south and east.

Get a house.

Make things that I can sell, like art, or sculpture, or baskets.

Read more classics. GOOD classics, not ones that leave you feeling like you need brain bleach (Hemingway, I'm looking at you).

Learn to do 3D modeling.

Take life drawing.

For the life of me, I can't think of anything else. I think bucket lists are similar to New Year's Resolutions, except a lot of these definitely won't happen next year, with a new baby on the way. Ah well, at least I have goals now. :-)

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Farm Girl said...

So glad it is now public. Now I can gush. :) I like your bucket list. I sat and tried to think of something I would like to do but so far, I am doing it. So it is hard to come up with really big things.


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