Monday, December 20

Road trip through DC

Photo dump post! I know I took pictures of the same things everybody takes pictures of, but I tried to get some other local stuff, for flavor. We were driving the whole time, and I was sitting in the back seat, so some of my perspective is wonky.

This is Fort Washington, seen across the icy Potomac river.

Some pretty houses in Alexandria.

Lincoln memorial (I think).

Jefferson memorial (I think).
 Washington monument.

One of the Smithsonian buildings, I think it was the art gallery.
 This was just down the street from it, along with a lot of other crappy modern art. I'm sorry, but if even the malls around here didn't want it, the US government shouldn't have wasted the money on it.
 Capitol building.
 The scariest block in the whole area: the EPA, the IRS, and ... I forget the third, all right in line with each other.
 Pretty architecture in the area.
 Spotted in Georgetown. I'd like to go back and walk through Georgetown someday when it's not 28 degrees. It's like a giant outdoor mall.


Meg said...

Yay! I'm glad you updated. Those buildings are GORGEOUS. Man, I'd kill for a house like that.

Haagen Dazs and Starbucks next door to each other? That's my kind of town!

Farm Girl said...

Well it looks really awesome. I am like Meg, I love that house too. I was wondering if you made your road trip okay.
Can't wait for a update. :)

PuppetChaos said...

You've got the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial right - but the 'art building' is actually the main Smithsonian building, aka "The Smithsonian Castle"


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