Thursday, December 23

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Everybody's posting posts about Merry Christmas, or baking, or decorating, or all kinds of other things.

What do I post about?

Why, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum's Hazy Annex!

Alex was impressed.

This is the SR-71 Blackbird. Incidentally, it's the one they used in Transformers 2, because they filmed that bit of it in the actual museum. They even had a TV off to one side, playing the clip. It was funny to look around and see all the exact same planes the actors were running around in.

We dropped in to visit the Space hanger, and the space shuttle there.

The space shuttle is big.

Alex was all set to jump the fence and go climb into one of the planes. We had to let him know that the planes were all locked and we didn't have the keys.

We went up into the seven-story-tall observation tower, too. Here's the view looking east, toward town, I think. Anyway there was no airport in that direction. This museum is right by Dulles Airport, so we got to see big passenger jets flying in and landing.

Holly really liked the museum, too. But she kept wanting to take off on self-guided tours, so she had to get carted around.

She and Alex were sick of the stroller. I hope they sleep really good tonight, because they hiked all over that place.


Farm Girl said...

I am glad you had a nice time. I think those are some great pictures.
I am glad you are feeling better.

Meg said...

Sweet! What an awesome place for kids (aside from the no keys to the planes). I bet they do sleep well tonight!


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