Tuesday, December 28


Here's a sample of our present-opening carnage.

It's amazing how fast all those toys get scattered throughout the entire house, despite my best efforts to confine them to one room.


Jennifer said...

My second-favorite part about Christmas is tearing through the house on Dec. 26 and gutting the house of all of the crap we have to make room for more crap we got. (I am thankful for it, but some of it is so not necessary....mom, I am talking to you!). It is so nice to go to Goodwill and have room. Now that I think about it, maybe I should gut the house earlier so the toys would be at Goodwill before Christmas. Hmmm. Are you coming home soon?

Farm Girl said...

Hey, that is some iguana! One more day, one more day!!! I am so happy you are coming home soon.


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