Monday, July 12


The past few days, we've been trying to go on walks early in the morning, before it gets too hot.

I'm trying to get into better shape, because I have this terrible habit of not working out in the summer. It's just too hot. I walk a lot more in the winter, just to stay warm.

But Ryan has been going for walks, so we've been going part of the way with him. I plan to work up to going the whole distance (all the way to the mall!) but it's a bit too hot right now for munchkins to have a comfortable ride. I'm going to wait until the heatwave breaks, or until fall, when the heat is over. Then I should definitely be strong enough.

I know swimming is the best exercise, but the apartment pool here has been closed for weeks for treatment. And when it's open, it's full of weird people. I'm funny about that. I don't want to swim with strangers.


Farmgirl said...

it is just like that sometimes. You are still in dang good shape!

Meg said...

Ugh, I hate working out in the heat too. At least you're getting out and walking! I worked out the week that Ben was doing nights, since it was cool and he wasn't around to laugh at me. :P Now, I've given up and have been waiting for a cool time to do anything.

Hey, I'm glad you liked the tostadas!

Razzberry Corner said...

I don't like to swim with strangers, either!!!


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