Friday, July 9

First hollyhock

My little hollyhocks are starting to bloom!

And the first one is white with a faint pink center. I'm excited, because that wasn't one of the colors that my mom had, yet she gave me the seeds. So there must have been some cross-pollination going on.

I have to keep fighting the kids about not picking it. There's lots of buds coming on, and I know there will be lots of flowers later, but I just can't bear the thought of my first flower getting picked.

I'm somewhat afraid that the gardeners will hack my hollyhocks. They seem to have a vendetta against flowers. They've hacked my rosebush two weeks in a row. You know how often you're supposed to trim rosebushes?

Once a YEAR.

No more roses for me until next spring, now. They keep all the new (read: flower-bearing) growth completely chopped off. I even begged one guy not to chop my rosebush. He skipped over it. And then the next morning at 6 AM, I was awakened to the tell-tale sound of CHOP CHOP CHOP as they hacked my rosebush. Was it the same guy? I will never know.

I'm not bitter. Not a bit.


Meg said...

Oh my gosh! I wonder what their deal is. Maybe they just think all plants are supposed to be whacked. Hide the flower! Maybe behind another bush.

Farm Girl said...

That is a really pretty hollyhock,
I don't have any like that I can remember.

Razzberry Corner said...

I love the hollyhock! My mother has a hollyhock plant, it has pretty red flowers and I have always loved it! But I really love your white one!


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