Sunday, July 4

Happy 4th!

Every time I've sat down to update this blog lately, two small children climb into my lap and kick the keyboard away from my fingers. So not much blogging has gone on.

I also get into kicks where I update this blog a lot, and ignore my art blog, or update my art blog a lot and ignore this one. Guess what! My art blog has been updated a lot over the last week! And this poor blog has been neglected.

We had a July 3rd get-together at my brother and sister-in-law's last night, and had a terrific time. The kids got to run around and play, and of course my camera languished in my diaper bag until it was too dark to take pictures. I wanted to try snapping some fireworks, but forgot about that until after the show had started, then I didn't want to leave and miss anything.

I'll try to take pictures tonight. I almost said "better pictures", but when I didn't take any at all, any pictures will be better.

1 comment:

Farm Girl said...

Well good, I don't know if we will have fireworks though, just maybe the people in the neighborhoods.
See ya later


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