Monday, July 26

Whatchagot Ramen soup

A friend gave me a large sack of chicken Top Ramen, and I've discovered that you can do all kinds of stuff with it.

For instance, you can add stuff to it and make a halfway decent soup.

My recipe tonight was mostly Whatchagot Stew. I happened to have on hand:

Top Ramen
1 can mixed vegetables
Leftover Fried Potatoes
Cooked beans (about 1 cup)

I was going to use 2 packs of Top Ramen, so I heated up 4 cups of water and dumped in both flavoring packets.

Yes, I know you should use bouillon or chicken broth instead of the flavor packets. But I'm out of chicken bouillon. And I'm putting in potatoes! Potatoes suck up the salt, right? Right?

Anyway, after all of the above had come to a boil, I added the noodles and simmered it until they were soft.

It made some pretty tasty soup. The kids ate it all up.

Also, the noodles together with the beans make a complete protein, so you don't even need to add meat. I'm getting better at this!


Meg said...

Whoohoo! Good job! That sounds good! Making up food stuffs is really fun.

Also, I tried roasting some tomatoes tonight after giving them a dunk in some balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. O.O OMGoodness. Put a few spoonfulls in my pasta and they were VUNDERBAR! Can't believe it was that good...

Farm Girl said...

It sounds like you have learned so much about cooking, far surpassing me.
I have tomatoes for you and Megan tomorrow, lots and lots.


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