Thursday, July 8

Spoiled chickens

We visited my parents yesterday. My mom let her chickens out in the yard, and the current batch, being very tame and spoiled, came up on the porch to hang out.

The munchkins found it entertaining.

Holly continued trying to touch chickens, and one hen in particular kept walking right up to them. Maybe expecting food?

Alex got in on the action, too.

Then so did Sasha, who wanted to herd chickens in the absolute worst way. She stood there in this position for almost a full minute, moving only her eyes. It was kind of creepy and amazing at the same time.


Farm Girl said...

Yes, my chickens are spoiled brats.Today they are grounded. No outside the coop time today.

Razzberry Corner said...

Lol - Sasha looks funny in that position! I can just picture her!


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