Saturday, July 31

Off with his hair!

My firstborn son was beginning to develop the John the Baptist look.

My parents-in-law gave me a very nice haircutting kit, complete with electric shaver, all kinds of combs, scissors, and those nifty hair clamps.

The first haircut I attempted was horrible. You should have seen the hairstylist laugh at me when I took Alex for a haircut later. I swore that I wouldn't touch his hair again.

But he was getting so shaggy. My sister-in-law cuts her boys' hair, and she just gives them a buzz cut, what my brother used to call a Butch.

So I handed the shaving kit to Ryan and said, "Whack it off."

It wound up being a joint effort. Alex had about a metric ton of hair on his little head. We cut and cut and cut.

The results:

And having all that hair off instantly sent him into the heights of hyperactivity. He ran around like a lunatic for the rest of the day. It must have felt really good.


Meg said...

Wow, he looks like a completely different kid! It's shocking at first to have little ones with buzzed heads, but then you realize how much easier it is (easier to cut, easier to clean) and it doesn't seem that bad at all. Good job!

Mimi said...

Love his new "do". He looks adorable...and cool!

Farm Girl said...

I think he looks very cute and you can see how really blue his eyes are.

Farm Girl said...

Hey, that is good, I love having the garden and you guys getting to eat out of it. I made salsa today, twice. I had to make a second batch so we could have it in the morning on our eggs. I feel so rich to be able to share so much food.
Tell me how roasted vegetable pizza is it sounds yummy!


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