Friday, July 23

Spelt bread

Well, it's not technically spelt bread. It's spelt mixed with white flour.

Spelt is a nice grain that is related to wheat, but it has a nuttier taste. (Ever notice that brown rice, whole wheat flour, and any kind of other grain all taste "nutty"? It's like the grain version of "Tastes like chicken".)

Personally, I think spelt tastes like popcorn.

My mom had a big jar of whole spelt in the back of her pantry, and she generously gave me some. I've been grinding it in my blender and adding it to my bread in place of whole wheat flour. It contains gluten, but it's more delicate than wheat gluten, so everybody says not to knead it longer than 4 minutes or it will collapse.

I made mine half spelt half white wheat, kneaded it about ten minutes and had no problems.

The trouble is, the bread has such a nice popcorn overtone that the kids are eating it up. Alex has about 5 pieces of toast with his eggs every morning (slathered in butter and jam, so that might have something to do with it).

I guess I'll just have to make some more. :-)

The recipe is just a general bread recipe from Betty Crocker. You can find millions of bread recipes, and the only thing I changed was altering my usual half white half whole wheat to half white half spelt flour.


Farm Girl said...

It sounds yummy and I love that Alex likes it so much!

Meg said...

That is a delicious looking loaf of bread!


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