Monday, July 5

Nice weekend

We had such a wonderful time this weekend with our family (families?), and I didn't take a single picture.

Not one.

Fortunately my dad snapped some, which you can see here. I was too busy stuffing myself with hamburgers and homemade ice cream, gabbing with family, and taking Alex to the bathroom repeatedly to even think of the camera.

Alex is pretty much potty-trained now. There are no pictures of that, for which you will thank me. It's taken about a month of me getting my act together to remember to take him to the bathroom, and then not letting him talk me into putting him back into a diaper. He's even out of diapers at night, because his diapers were always dry when he woke up in the morning.

Alex likes this whole independence thing. He runs to the bathroom now without me having to take him, and gosh, Holly hardly goes through diapers at all. Except right now, she's kind of sick because she's teething two molars. She's making a lot of dirty diapers.

I have a fantastic story-rant I'd love to post in here, but it involves a lot of Creation theory, and I'm afraid of getting flamed. Sigh.


William said...

How sad that you can't post your creation rant for fear of the people who read this. I know the feeling. The trick is to actually write it down somewhere (like some kind of journal document) and save it away for later use (and retrospection).

Hannah D said...

Does anybody read your blog who is opposed to creationism? I mean, I can see why ranting about that kind of thing in a huge public forum might be inviting trouble, but this is your personal blog! I'd say go for it (or do you get alot of flaming already? O_o )

NetRaptor said...

Unfortunately, people come out of the woodwork when I post anything to do with creationism. I didn't even know these people read my blog, but they feel the urgent need to tell me how wrong and stupid I am.

Meg said...

Oh man, grats on the potty training! I've been having a heck of a time getting the boys to go lately. We were doing so good for awhile!

Jennifer said...

Let's hear it for potty-training! Way to go, mama. Please post that Creation theory idea. I want to read it!


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