Friday, July 16

Interest in the bird

Let the cockatiel out of his cage this morning, to the amusement of the chilluns.

Provides everybody with valuable exercise and stimulation, especially my fat, bored cockatiel.

The Grand Vegetarian Experiment continues. And I'm discovering that an important part of the vegetarian diet is ... vegetables. Which we're not eating enough of.

I've always been anemic in one way or another, but now I'm reaching the terribly low iron levels that I usually only hit when I'm pregnant. (I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant.) I've stepped up my vitamins, but I suspect that the calcium in them is canceling out any iron absorption.

So! What vegetables (that are in season right now) are wickedly high in iron? Broccoli and spinach are all that come to mind, and those are winter vegetables.


Kelty said...

Guinness. XD

Aside from that, lentils, soy beans, whole wheats, brown rice are good too. Apparently Vitamin C helps with iron absorption.

Also, clams and other shellfish are high in iron too. I think seaweed/nori is good, but I'm not entirely sure.

Meg said...

Here's you a link with a handy chart!

Farm Girl said...

well there is always prunes and the highest of all is heck, those tiny fish in cans, the kind you eat the whole fish and bones.
I have zucchini on tap. :)

Hannah said...

I've heard that watermelon is as high in iron as spinach is. It's not a vegetable though. I guess I lose. :<

Razzberry Corner said...

Good luck with your grand vegetarian experiment! I don't know what veggies are high in iron, so I can't help you there! I think I could be a vegetarian, but I don't think my husband could do it. He loves his meat too much!


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