Monday, May 30

Memorial Day Jam

Memorial Day: the day it's a tradition to work your butt off. At least, it is in my family. :-)

I got the house all clean, and made strawberry jam. The strawberries I got at the farmer's market on Saturday were so ripe that they were on the way out by a day or two later. I was going to make jam yesterday, and got as far as cutting them up and mashing them, but I ran out of energy. So I shoved it in the fridge and made it this morning instead.

I haven't really tasted it properly yet, but the jam I licked off the cooling pot tasted fabulous. I'm thinking of eating it on ice cream. I was going to make biscuits with dinner, but I had already promised Ryan a copycat recipe for fajitas from Chipotle Grill, and biscuits just don't go with fajitas.

By the way, if you're interested in that copycat recipe, I got it here.


I said...

You are amazing!!! And that looks delicious!

I Live in an Antbed said...

hahahaha! I hit something wrong and it posted as "I". Silly me!

Farm Girl said...

It is very pretty jam, I am glad you got some made. I think it is awesome that you worked today too.
The chicken pen we took out was the green old horse pen now it looks the way it did before. I owe you a email. :)


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