Tuesday, May 17

Sun halo

Two days ago, my husband walked in, exclaiming that I had to come out and get a picture of this ring around the sun.

He had never seen one before. When you can see a ring like that, usually it means rain. And last night, rain! I don't know if there's an adage about sun halos like there is about rainbows and red skies, but there should be.

And here's the munchkins in what they thought was a loving pose.

Looks more like a choke hold, but okay, we'll roll with that.


Meg said...

I've seen moon rings, but I've never seen sun rings. That's pretty cool!

Farm Girl said...

Dad said it was a double, it did rain lot last night.
I would say that is a choke hold too. :)

I Live in an Antbed said...

Wow! That is amazing!

And I love the "hug!" So adorable. :)

Sue said...

Beautiful !! both the ring around the sun, and those beautiful munchkins of yours.


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