Friday, May 6

Pondering cake

Pondering using this tutorial ... make rose-topped cupcakes for my daughter's birthday next week. I know I have some tips like that. I Am Baker makes it look like a snap.

Question: can I accomplish this with a screaming baby in the background? Hmm ...


Farm Girl said...

Sure you can, think of all of the Batman and Superman cakes I made with babies screaming in the background. Haha. Just take your time and pop it in and out of the fridge.
It is so fun to do and you have all of the stuff right? That is white frosting Having to make black and red was hard.

Meg said...

Well, if you give her some of the frosting I'm sure she'd quiet right down. ;)

I Live in an Antbed said...

I bookmarked that page the other day--it is so beautiful! I think you should try it. And take pictures! :)


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