Thursday, May 26

What they hear ...

... vs. what I'm saying.

"Don't drip on the carpet" means "because it collects dirt and makes a dirty spot that we have to pay to get cleaned."

"Don't wake up the baby" means "because she just went to sleep and she's really fussy and if she wakes up I'll kill you."

"Eat your dinner" means "if you come asking for food fifteen minutes after leaving the table, you're getting cold leftovers."

"Don't hit your sister" means "OR ELSE!"

"Naptime!" means "Mommy needs a nap."

"Pick out a movie" means "I am losing my freaking mind and this will help my sanity to return."

"Pick up your toys" means "If I step on one more sharp object I'm going to scream."

"Pick up the Legos" means the same as above, but with additional screaming.

"Stop that" means "don't resume that as soon as my back is turned."

"Bedtime!" means "Mommy and Daddy want some time alone now!"


Meg said...

*Like* Oh my gosh, yes.

Farm Girl said...

Ha ha, I like pick out a movie best. or nap time. Yes, Mommy is going to nut up if she doesn't get a nap.
Which means, time for older boys to lower baby boys out the second story window. :) Aw Yes, the joys of parenting. :)

Jennifer said...

You hit the nail on the head there, sister dear. I'm talking, no one is listening. I'm yelling, everyone's crying. Go figure.

texwisgirl said...


Rachel Blackmon said...

My favorite is the Legos one (As well as "Naptime") because treading on a Lego brick is about the most painful thing a human being can do. XD


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