Sunday, May 22


I went to the farmer's market yesterday to get some nice fresh produce. Mostly I wanted strawberries.

Fresh Strawberries

Not my photo, because a day later half of them are gone and they're starting to look wilted.

Anyway, they're juicy and flavorful now, if still a little on the pricey side (I hunted around, and found the same 3-box carton at various stalls for 8 bucks, 7 bucks, and 6 bucks. I went for the 6 buck option.) They've gone into smoothies, along with oranges and bananas, as we seem to have a small cold running through the household.

But it got me itching to make some jam. Strawberry jam, one of the finest things in life. All I have in the house is peach butter and marmalade. The marmalade is a bit rich for daily consumption, and I can't stand that peach butter (I smelled it for far too long with morning sickness).

I'm also pondering strawberry-rhubarb. Maybe a batch of each? I've never eaten rhubarb, but it's all the rage in blogland right now.

You know, there's so many things that I've tried because of blogs. They've really broadened my world.


Farm Girl said...

So true, there are so many things I would have never known about if not for blogland.
I am going to make Strawberry jam next week I think. To bad about the peach stuff, can you use it like you would for bread or something? If not just throw it out and then you will have jars for strawberry. I have had to do that before. There are just some things that flop.

I Live in an Antbed said...

You should go for it! I bet it would be delicious! Fresh strawberries are just hard to beat, aren't they? :)


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