Thursday, May 19

Thursday, pretty - happy - funny -real

Last week I missed Pretty Happy Funny Real because blogger decided to go down. So I get to do it this week, hooray!


My second hollyhock stalk is finally blooming, and it's a wonderful magenta color.


Holly got this giant Minnie Mouse from her Grandma Jacki, and she has hardly put it down since she got it.


I didn't really have a funny pic, so here's a shot of Claire. She's getting fat now at six weeks.


Look at 'em run!

round button chicken


Meg said...

Fat is always good! I was looking at your hollyhocks last week and I thought they were so pretty. I really need to get some planted so we have them.

Hey I was going through the LMLD archives and she linked to this article that I thought you would like as much as I did:

Farm Girl said...

It looks nice and I love the picture of Holly holding Minnie Mouse.
Such a good picture.
It is cute Clair is getting so big.

I Live in an Antbed said...

6 weeks! Wow! It has gone by so quickly for me. :) She's beautiful.


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