Saturday, May 22

Adventures outside

The munchkins got up from their naps yesterday and I went outside with them. It was breezy and warm, and they can bounce off the walls much better there.

Alex located a snail.

It was stuck to one of my pots, of course. I put it down and let it poke its head out.

The munchkins tired of it and went and ran around. Holly is walking very well now.

She had picked a dandelion and happily played with it for a long time before picking it to pieces.

Then we went back to check on the snail and it was gone. I showed Alex how to track a snail by its silver trail, and we located it two feet away, sliming into a crevice under the sidewalk.

Such a lovely day to play outside in the sun. :-)

1 comment:

Farm Girl said...

It was a lovely day. It is cold outside today though. I am happy about it. I will sit inside and sew I think. I love your adventures outside. As the wise sage, Calvin said, "There is treasure everywhere."
Have a lovely Saturday.


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