Friday, May 7

My morning

The kids were bouncing off the walls this morning, so I let them outside.

Funny how blogging affects your brain. I grabbed my camera, not with the intent of taking pictures of this fleeting moment of childhood, but "so I can have something to post on my blog!"

They ran around like maniacs for a while. Alex rode really fast on his car.

Holly walked, very carefully, with the popper. She's getting better and better at walking.

I had forgotten about my flower pots last night, and left them out on the grass where the sprinklers washed off all of my salty snail-deterrent. I was afraid the snails would have eaten all of my sprouting hollyhocks, but my fears proved groundless.

Do snails not like mint? They haven't gone near the stuff. But they did get into my other pot in order to re-slime the hyacinth bulb in there. Which had nothing growing on it, anyway.

There were little flies all over a bush, sunning themselves. They were so bright and iridescent that I tried to get a picture.

And the Children's Moon was out.

And a cat climbed up in our little juniper tree on the corner.

This is looking straight up at him. Or her. Apparently all the cats are in heat right now, so they wander around everywhere, yowling.

So that was my morning in the wilderness of urban Bako. :-)


Farm Girl said...

Hey very cute!! I like your new back ground too. Yeah, sad thing that every where you go it is about blog posts. I have to go to a awards ceremony for William tonight and am I taking a camera because he is getting a award, No I am taking it for a blog post. How sad it that.???
I love the pictures of the kids though playing in the early morning.

Jennifer said...

That's one of the reasons WHY I like blogging! I remember to document more moments than I would if I were just putting together a photo album. Two birds, baby!


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