Sunday, May 2

Doing pot

Gardening post! The only kind of pot I do.

Here are my pots. I made the mistake of rereading The Secret Garden, and got the worst gardening itch EVER. So I added more dirt to my pots, got some hollyhock seeds from my mom, and fluffed up my dirt.

That was last weekend. I checked and watered my pots all week, and nothing.

And then this morning ...


But only in one pot. The other had been completely slimed by snails, and there was nothing left alive in it at all.

My mom suggested wetting the edges of the pots, and sprinkling salt on the edges to make a crust. I put my pots away tonight, and constructed my crust. Some of the salt filtered down into the dirt inside the pot (with my sprouts), where it had dried a bit and pulled away from the edge of the pot. And here came three little slugs, booking it out of the cracks to get away from the salt.

I flicked them out and salted them liberally.

After my other pots got slimed, it's officially war.


Meg said...

Yay! There is something so satisfying about seeing sprouts from seeds you've planted.

Must have been a day for planting - Ben and I got a lot done today too.

Farm Girl said...

I hope it works, nothing sadder than having great hope for sprouts and some ole snail comes slimming by.

myletterstoemily said...

i love the secret garden! good luck with
your pot, i mean pots. :)


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