Sunday, May 23

Plants and books

My little hollyhocks are almost two inches tall now!

Now, if I could just keep small children from picking them. Alex likes to pick my peppermint and smell the leaves, but he can't tell the difference between the mint and the hollyhocks.

In other news, a friend loaned me her copy of the latest Diana Wynne Jones book. It's called Enchanted Glass.

Enchanted Glass

It's a really neat story about a college guy who inherits his grandfather's mansion and estate, as well as a whole bunch of magical responsibility. But he doesn't remember anything his grandfather taught him.

At the same time, a kid shows up at his door, being chased by strange creatures that are eerily like the Angels from Dr. Who. The kid and the guy both wear glasses, and when they wear them, the world is normal. But when they take off their glasses, they find that they can see the world as it really is, like people who have disguised themselves by magic, and creatures that are really magical.

The characters are much more likeable than in the last book she released, House of Many Ways. I just loved following the man and the kid around, and the minor characters are oddball and quirky. Enchanted Glass is Diana Wynne Jones at her best.

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Farm Girl said...

We will have to track it down, I am so glad your hollyhocks are growing.
I hope you have a wonderful day.


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