Saturday, May 8

Can she bake a cherry pie

I found some cherries in my freezer, and last night I made them into a cherry pie.

No wonder there's that silly song about making a cherry pie "quick as a cat can wink her eye". They're even easier than apple, provided you had the presence of mind to pit the cherries before you froze them. Which I had. :-)

As I was making my crust, I gave the trimmings to Alex to roll into a ball, and I let him make his very own tiny pie.

It had, like, three cherries in it, but he was very happy.

My mom had told me once that the key to perfect pie crust is 1, not to knead it very much, and 2, use ice water.

When you make baking powder biscuits, you only knead the dough ten times. I kneaded my pie crust five times, and it started getting stiff, so I divided it in two and rolled out the first crust between two pieces of wax paper. (I didn't have to keep adding flour to make it not stick, and thus didn't dry it out.) The other chunk of crust I stuck in the freezer until I was ready to roll it out, too.

Oh, my. It made the tenderest, flakiest pie crust I've ever eaten in my life. I could sit and eat that entire cherry pie all by myself. It smells exactly like a cherry Pop-Tart, too.


Farm Girl said...

Oh yum, it makes me hungry too. I have been outside working all day so having someone feed me would be such a plus. I love Alex's pie too.
I just came in and saw that you had a new post. I am off to jump in the shower. I even cleaned my chicken coop. I am planting cantalope tonight, after the sun gets lower and I am planting a sunflower house for babies. :) I can't wait to see them in it this summer.

NetRaptor said...

Oh good, I'm glad you got to play in the dirt all day! I would if I could, but the closest I got was letting Alex make mudpies on the sidewalk. :-)


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