Saturday, May 15

Holly's first birthday

Yesterday was Holly's first birthday.

I made her cupcakes, since they're nice and portable, and just the right size for a baby.

She's such a big girl! She has no idea that she's a baby. She thinks she's the same age as Alex and should do all the same things he does.

Like play outside.

Alex loves picking flowers, but red flowers and a red shirt does not for good contrast make.

Remember Alex's first birthday?

yum yum

Yeah, that's why we did cupcakes this time. :-)


Farm Girl said...

Yeah, I am glad too she didn't get all of the fakeness that poor Alex had to eat. Even though he looks like he enjoyed it.
I can't believe Holly is already one.
It does go by so fast.

Meg said...

Haha looks like she enjoyed her cupcake! :)


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