Thursday, May 20

Strawberry bounty

Four years ago, my brother and sister and law got married a month before my husband and I got married. My Dad planted a ton of strawberries that year, so us young couples would have homegrown strawberries to pick and eat.

Well, one variety of strawberry plant produced from the first year on. The plants produced little tiny strawberries that tasted good, but were kind of a pain to pick. There were another variety of plants that grew great big leaves, but produced no strawberries at all.

But now, in their fourth year, those giant plants have started bearing fruit. And boy howdy, they're producing it like crazy!

A whole cookie sheet loaded up with strawberries, all ready to be frozen and made into smoothies.

And that's aside from the four cups of strawberries I cut up and doused with sugar to eat with shortcake.

Mmmmmm ... totally yummerful.


Farm Girl said...

Wow they look beautiful!! I can't believe that you got so many at one time. I guess I need to pay better attention to them. You maybe should come over a bit more often and pick them. Was there lots more on the vine?
Your strawberry shortcake looks wonderful.

Meg said...

"Yummerful"... That is the most awesome made-up word ever!

Jennifer said...

I want to order a piece of that shortcake, please.

Brenda said...

Strawberries, oh how I love thee, why must you never grow for me?

I have tried now three times to plant a wonderful strawberry patch reminicient of the one my Mom had when I was growing up. The first year we were in an apartment, i did strawberry pots - got slimed by slugs; the second year I tried oak barrels - plants grew but never flowered; this year 18 plants in a raised bed - all died but 2. It looks like some disease as all the leaves turned brown and wilted and died. I would love to know your Dad's secret. My mom says - i just planted them and they grew - much like I remember all the gardens we ever planted. We tilled the patch, planted plants, the rain watered them and we enjoyed the bounty. It didn't seem so hard!


NetRaptor said...

I think my Dad's secret is just the dirt out there. It's very sandy and has the best drainage in the world. I believe all they've done is weed those particular beds periodically, but I can ask. They do have lots of bugs in them, but I just flick the bugs out or cut off the mangled bits.


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