Friday, May 28


I was making pancakes today for breakfast. I had fed Alex and Ryan, and gotten Holly out of her high chair. Then I turned around and saw this.

She had gotten up at the table, grabbed her brother's fork, and was eating his remaining pancake slices.

"Hi Mom," she says, all proud of herself. I managed to get her looking fussy, but it's only because she's in the middle of chewing.

Holly: I've seen them stick food on these things somehow ... maybe if I stick the fork into the pancake with main force ...

She did eat most of Alex's leftover pancake, but eventually resorted to her hands. Using the fork was so cute, though!


Meg said...

Haha that's so cute! When I give Duder a spoon he tries so hard to scoop his food and make it work. Babies are too smart for their own good! :D

Farm Girl said...

That is so cute to see her trying to use a fork. I bet she smelled yummy too just like a little pancake herself. She is so smart.


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