Monday, May 10

Pondering cooking

A friend gave me a box of mixed fruit for Mother's Day. We've been eating our way through it steadily, but one item has stumped me.

One enormous grapefruit.

(Not my photo)

I don't care much for grapefruit, but it seems a shame to let it go to waste. So I poked around a bit and found this recipe for grapefruit cake.

Before I found it, Google served me up a couple of cooking blogs and many other grapefruit recipes, mostly for ices and salads.

As I was looking around at them, I kept thinking of a rant about cooking that my sister in law posted on her blog, and in particular, one comment she received on it.

Your generation and younger are a generation of non-cookers. Most unfortunately do not know how to prepare most foods because they were raised on prepared snack foods and fast food. So Sad!

I have pondered and pondered that remark. I have also pondered the huge success of Pioneer Woman's cookbook.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

Her cookbook has very simple, tasty recipes that you can make even if you are a total cooking noob. I've made a bunch of them, and liked them all. (She introduced me to the wonders of kosher salt, for one thing!)

So what I conclude is that, although my generation does not cook, the current economic situation has put such a crunch on people that they are having to learn to cook. So they buy pretty cookbooks with lots of pictures and easy instructions, because it's a great way to learn.


Farm Girl said...

I think the quote is bunk I think it is the women my age who quit cooking and went back to work. The women your age just didn't have anyone at home to teach them, so that is why Pioneer Woman's cookbook went crazy, she is like having a friend in your home showing you how to cook. You and Meg are just doing what generations of women did before you, you are just doing your job and doing it well.

Meg said...

Or her cookbook could be doing so well because it's TOTALLY AWESOME FOOD! :D

Very true though. Ben is always telling me about the guys he works with and how they are always getting fast food for lunch, or bringing microwave dinners, because their women don't cook for them. It's also true about the women who went to work and didn't bother teaching anymore. That's something that we need to fix.

NetRaptor said...

When we're in the grocery store, I always look at people's baskets to see what they're getting. And people our age are always buying the boxes of frozen this and prepared that. I always feel so sorry for them.

Jennifer said...

Hear hear. My mom didn't teach me- I was not allowed in the kitchen because she said it would get too messy! I am learning by trial and error and I am grateful for all the help I can get. There is something so simplistically fulfilling in setting homemade food out in front of my family. It completes me :)

Meg- I loved that post you did- my computer wouldn't let me comment.

Anonymous said...
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